Malvarinto de Janas

- Chap. 4 - Malvarinto de Janas
Malvarinto de Janas | n. feminine noun
  1. Viniculture]Very sweet grape variety + white grape variety
  2. Enology]Generous and sweet wine produced from this combination of grapes

Malvasia + Arinto = Malvarinto

The Malvarinto of Janas has the aromatic complexity, well present of the Malvasia wine, with the crisp acidity of Arinto. A very particular combination that makes us so proud that this wine, so special and unique, was developed in our Quinta.

Arinto, when blended with grape varieties that are less rich in organic acids, in this case Malvasia, benefits greatly.

Malvasia when blended with Arinto gives it its own typicity and personality.





Aromas of lime, lemon, apple grapefruit, mint, seaweed and some balsamic notes.


Elegant wine, balanced, fresh, with a very satisfactory taste, it is persistent in the mouth, with a taste of apple, seaweed, lemon and mint, in the mouth the balsamic of the barrel and the salinity of the sea stand out.


Pale yellow with greenish tinges.

Alcoholic strength

minimum of Medium in maritime regions (11,5-13% vol.) vol

- 2018 -
4000 bottles / L-18MA01
750ml alc. Medium in maritime regions (11.5-13% vol.) vol