- Chap. 5 - Arinto Arinto
Arinto | n. feminine noun
  1. Viniculture]White grape variety.
  2. [Winemaker]Wine produced from this grape.

The Arinto grape variety

It has an open citrus colour. When young it presents citrus notes, sometimes some mineral, being moderately intense. With ageing develops aromas of honey and paraffin. In the mouth it is acidulous with fruit notes of excellent complexity. Very fresh, due to its natural acidity, and aromatically intense.

From an oenological point of view, it is without doubt one of the most valuable Portuguese white grape varieties.

Arinto 2018, Wine of the Year by Revista de Vinhos Magazine


Contained. Citrus fruit, peach and mineral aromas.


Very tense and full of strength, harmonised with some volume and unctuosity that give it a gastronomic character. Enormous ageing potential. May develop aromas of honey and paraffin.



Alcoholic strength

minimum of Medium in maritime regions (11,5-13% vol.) vol

- 2018 -
1050 bottles / L-18A01
750ml alc. Medium in maritime regions (11.5-13% vol.) vol.