- Chap. 2 -

Janas, Colares



A special region

The wine-growing region of COLARES, where JANAS is located, was very important in the past. Its vineyards and the wine produced were a very important contribution to the region's economy.

Over time everything was lost:

- Because production costs have increased and the market has put downward pressure on the selling price, it is no longer attractive to "make wine".

- In addition, there has been an urban expansion around the Maças and Azenhas do Mar beaches, which has contributed to an obvious reduction in the area's vineyards.

Quinta de San Michel, in the heart of the parish of S. Martinho, (today a union of parishes of Sintra), did not let that happen

quinta san michel
quinta san michel

The area

Rebirth and re-creation
quinta san michel

The project Janas Quinta de San Michel, contains "Janas" in its name for a very special reason. Janas corresponds to the village that has welcomed the Camilo family with great affection since the beginning of this project. Therefore, the family decided that they should pay this tribute and, when creating the brand, they made sure to include the name of the village.

We aim to put Janas back on the map and for that very reason, we count on having the name of the village on the top of the capsules and on the back label of our bottles. 

quinta san michel

We believe and are convinced that, in this project, we can contribute to recreating, in the municipality of Sintra, by the sea, the small wine-growing area of Colares.

quinta san michel
quinta san michel